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EasyCrypt Installation Instructions (EasyCrypt-F*-CryptoVerif School 2014)

We provide binary packages for EasyCrypt. You can download them at the following URL

Download the tarball corresponding to your system (the Windows archives are currently missing), untar it (this will create an easycrypt folder) and run the script run-easycrypt. The Emacs editor should pop-up. You can then open any EasyCrypt file (ending with the .ec extension) and start hacking it.

  • Note for Linux users:
    • you must have emacs installed on your system.
  • Note for Windows users:
    • although the whole EasyCrypt stack is in pure win32, the startup program run-easycrypt is a python script. Either start it from a cygwin shell or do an explicit call to a python (v.2) interpreter (python.exe run-easycrypt).
    • the SMT prover eprover is not available on your platform.

In case you come to the EasyCrypt tutorials without EasyCrypt installed, you will be able to get it from USB keys.

A source distribution of EasyCrypt is also available. Installation instructions can be found can be found in the README​ file. We strongly suggest that you try using the binary packages first.

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