Summer School on Models and Tools for Cryptographic Proofs - The EasyCrypt Sessions

This page gathers links and resources relevant to the lectures, practical sessions and discussions around the EasyCrypt sessions of the Summer School on Models and Tools for Cryptographic Proofs.

Installing EasyCrypt

In order to follow the examples from the lectures, you will need to have EasyCrypt running locally. On most Unix-based systems (modern Linux and BSD distributions, MacOS), you should be able to simply follow the instructions from the README.

If you can't (or do not want to) install EasyCrypt that way, a VirtualBox appliance is available (username: easycrypt; password: easycrypt). If you use the VirtualBox appliance, please also git clone In addition, for some reason, opam was not initialized properly when I built the VM: if you are having trouble with emacs, you should run opam init (and type y when asked if you want to update your .profile), then logout and log back in.

Depending on your VirtualBox install, you may have to deactivate USB 2.0. You may also want to increase the VM's RAM, and set up a shared folder for easier interactions between host and guest.

Preparing for each session

Please run opam update && opam upgrade and cd proofschool-ec; git pull at the beginning of each session to ensure you have the latest version of the material.

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